About Us

For over a decade, Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG) has been helping law firms nationwide gain more clients with our transparent, data-based marketing approach.

We discovered that many law firms weren’t taking advantage of the boundless opportunities available to them through public relations.

That’s why we decided to launch Consumer Attorney Public Relations, a PR agency that:

  • Is focused solely on the legal field and profession
  • Utilizes advanced technology tools and strategies
  • Creates excellent, compelling content

And most of all, works with your existing marketing to break down roadblocks to client acquisition and position you as the trusted expert in your field whom clients will trust to represent them in the courtroom.

Powered by Expertise

Founded by CEO Steve Nober in 2010, CAMG has run thousands of marketing campaigns in the mass tort and single event spaces. We possess a profound understanding of the industry and valuable inside connections that most traditional PR firms don’t.

Backed by this understanding, we innovated Consumer Attorney Public Relations, modernizing traditional PR’s best practices to exclusively serve our industry and firms like yours.

Powered by Technology

CAMG built its reputation on a commitment to data, transparency, and innovation.

Consumer Attorney Public Relations brings this same approach to PR.

Take advantage of software tools to track your PR efforts and discover what’s working — and what isn’t — to maximize your opportunities.

Protect your hard-earned reputation with feedback monitoring systems that discover and suppress or mitigate negative press or comments.

Power Your Strategy

The journey a potential client goes on before signing with your firm is riddled with roadblocks that deter them from hiring your firm. These include:

  • Credibility: Potential clients may question whether your firm is as well equipped to handle their case as your competition
  • Trust: Clients may question whether your firm cares about them personally
  • Negative Press: Clients may be dissuaded by undeserved negative commentary that they read online

We remove these roadblocks by applying the latest PR strategies that establish your firm as an industry leader and a trusted source, clearing the way for potential clients to become signed clients.

Powerful Content

Producing Quality Content and placing that content where it will be read or seen are key components of an effective PR strategy and goes beyond the scope of traditional marketing.

With PR, the goal is to get this quality content in front of audiences, whether in niche publications, TV or radio news programs, and digital formats that position your firm’s attorneys as leaders and experts.

By taking a proactive approach and leveraging both traditional and digital channels, not only will we get your firm more coverage, but we will also establish your brand and curate public perception about your firm—all of which translates down the line into more clients.

We’ve assembled a staff of experienced public relations professionals with access to over one million journalists and 50 million influencers throughout the world to get your message across to the public and your next client.

Powerful Reputation Management

Your years of hard work and
dedication have helped you carve out your positive reputation with clients and your community.

Unfortunately, negative press or comments online can destroy that positive reputation and cost you many potential clients.

Our powerful software constantly monitors for negative press or comments. If we find something, we will jump into action with:

  • Responses to negative comments
  • Press releases and interviews for damage control
  • Follow up content

A well-crafted response to negative press can go a long way in maintaining the trust and credibility your firm has worked hard to build within the community. In addition, we continuously create positive content about your firm, which can be used to counter any negative press.

Power Your Legacy

As an industry, we are building a legacy that ensures a safer tomorrow for everyone. Your work has built a better community by holding companies responsible for dangerous products and drugs, by protecting victims of environmental disasters, by getting justice for those injured by others, and more.

The public needs to understand about how you’re working to change law and culture, as well as seek justice for clients. We take your legacy and craft it into compelling stories and content that showcase how your work has had an impact on people’s lives.

Communicating about what your firm has accomplished not only demonstrates your legacy but exemplifies our industry in a positive light, so the overall population appreciates the good in what we do.

Power Your Bottom Line

Consumer Attorney Public Relations complements CAMG Marketing to significantly increase the number of leads, and ultimately, cases and clients, to your firm. Following our commitment to data and transparency, our team continuously measures the performance and ROI of your Earned Media campaigns and PR efforts to show you the results.

By combining CAMG’s data-driven strategic marketing with state-of-the-art PR, we can work together to help you reach your client acquisition goals and grow your business.